Law Infringements Lead To Suspension Of Poker Tournaments In Florida

For those of us who are no longer living within the state of Florida, this is something that will be helpful to know. Florida is one of the largest producers of bingo in the country. Last year alone, the yearly gross revenue in Florida was $3.1 billion. With many locations throughout the state, there is plenty of opportunity to play bingo. Unfortunately, in the formula that is Florida’s bingo law, there has been an attempt to shut down Florida’s biggest bingo company, Planet Bingo.

Let me ask you this question. Would the state of Illinois change their laws and allow bingo in their state? They have had a law on the books for a few years now, and there are hundreds of winners of the wonderland jackpot who still play bingo in Illinois. They have had many bingo winners, and huge wins too. And now the state of Florida is getting ready to shut down their biggest bingo company, Planet Bingo.

Party Gaming has had a law against internet gaming in Florida since 2006. Although the legislature was able to legalize casino gambling, that was an easier pill to swallow than bingo. Party Gaming has had many problems with their tax rebate program. When I was a news editor at a daily sports newspaper in Jacksonville, Florida, I won a $120,000 prize when the jackpot rose to $1.5 million. However, the legislature was able to legalize casino gambling in 2006, and there are hundreds of winners of the wonderland jackpot who still play bingo in Florida.

Now, for whatever mistakes the government makes with their tax laws, they are allowing bingo to remain an open game in Florida. This could change the way that bingo is played in the state of Florida, and I think that would be a mistake for a lot of people involved.

There are mounts of evidence that indicate that Florida’s current gambling laws areeks and maybe even a half century behind the times. For example, have you ever heard of the state of Louisiana? They allow bingo and other forms of gambling in their casinos, but the live entertainment restrictions become more and more looseness as you move up the ladder. Maybe Louisiana should learn from those who have already made it big in the gambling world, and follow their lead.

One of the biggest problems in all gambling laws is that there is no distinction between what is a legal game of skill and what is a legal game of luck. While no one likes to lose, someone who is purchasing a ticket to play bingo is not losing as much of an amount of money as someone who is purchasing a ticket to go to the circus. While banning games of skill always has a place, why not ban games of luck too?

A little reading would info you on what the laws in different states stand. In Florida, the penalty for having a criminal place a computer in a retail store to prevent people from playing bingo from that particular store is a class B felony.

In Louisiana, a fine may be handed out to anyone who walks into any casino, plays the game of bingo or the lottery and the act is punishable by a term of years in prison.

Togel88, New Jersey and California have each passed laws that allow bingo halls to open inside the facilities that were made available to the general public. As a result, we have seen a surge in the game played in California pop up stores and comprehensive bingo halls.

A lot of this has to do with television. You can watch loved ones, or in some cases even see strangers play bingo and other forms of online gambling on a variety of different channels that are pay only. That is a great thing if you are a bingo enthusiast who lived a world away.